UniformWIZARD and the Singer Family history in the apparel business

UniformWIZARD is a manufacturer and distributor of uniforms, career apparel, promotional apparel, safety products and floor mats. Our customers include corporate accounts, government agencies and associations and encompass a wide variety of industries. Our valued customers are located from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts and range in size from local single users to multi-location national programs accounts.

Joseph Singer arrived from Poland and established the Joseph Singer Manufacturing Company in Philadelphia, PA. Joseph’s first large contract was to supply the Philadelphia Police Department with their leather police coats.

M. Richard Singer, Joseph’s 3rd son, followed in his footsteps by opening The Singer Manufacturing, a sewing factory, also in Philadelphia. This business did contract cutting, sewing and pressing for boys’ suits and outerwear. Richard grew the business to employ 100 people.

Robert Singer, Richard oldest son, graduated from the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Sciences and joined the family business. Robert started as a bundle boy, moving work from operator to operator, then became the plant manager and finally a partner in Singer Manufacturing. Several years later Robert’s brother Donald joined the company. Together, they expanded Singer Manufacturing to sewing men’s and ladies’ suits and to employ over 400 people.

After U.S. apparel production began declining due to lower cost overseas production, Robert concluded that they needed to make a change in order to survive and continue to employ their loyal operators and managers. His vision was a future where people would be wearing uniforms. So, with their varied experience Robert and Donald decided to venture out into manufacturing and launch Executive Apparel, to compete in the tailored clothing sector of the uniform industry. They produced garments for hotels, airlines, railroads and any other industry that needed blazers and pants to identify their employees. They started with manufacturing 50 navy blazers, which Robert sold immediately to a local hotel. From their meager beginnings, Robert grew the business by adding other product lines and selling through a network of over 2,000 uniform retailers in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.

Robert sold Executive Apparel to his brother Donald to move on to thoughts of retirement. Executive Apparel continues to be a successful business.

Retirement didn’t fit Robert’s energy level. He had a vision of living on an island in the Caribbean in the winter and in Maine in the summer. How could he do this? The answer . . . to sell on this new thing called the internet. Robert proceeded to have a website designed and written line by line to become the first company selling uniforms online. UniformWIZARD was born. After realizing that the world was not ready for buying uniforms online, he began selling through telemarketing and face to face to a variety of industries. Not only did he purchase from his old company Executive Apparel, but established master distributor relationships with over 70 manufacturers in all areas of the image apparel industry.

2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            UniformWIZARD is happy to announce our new partner and President, Vilmarie Montanez. Robert Singer has been promoted the position of CEO.

UniformWIZARD is currently selling and distributing image apparel programs to groups of all kinds throughout the United States. They specialize in the hospitality and healthcare industries, but have clients in all areas of business, organizations and government agencies. Their efficient distribution center in Kissimmee, FL has enabled them to service multi-location companies that need a standardized apparel program. In-house embroidery and screen printing assure our customers a fast turnaround time on their orders. Their online “Company Store” capabilities enable customers to be confident that each location or individual in their business wears the same color and style, with the same embroidery or screen printing to create a brand that is consistent and determined by their corporate leadership.

UniformWIZARD is proud to be a leader in their industry. Offering top notch customer service, a huge breadth of products to fit every customer’s needs and the distribution capabilities to service small local companies to large multi-location national companies and organizations with over 5,000 people.

Thank you, to all of our loyal customers for their years of support and loyalty